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Is my vehicle supported by OBDeleven?
Complete model-compatibility and available functions can be checked in the OBDeleven application or in compatibility-list here.

Which Android / iOS version is required for OBDeleven?
OBDeleven app is compatible with Android 6.0 and iOS 14 and above.

Why I can’t log in?
By creating an account in the application you will not be able to log in with the same account on the website or vice versa. Our site and application use different systems.

If you still aren’t able to log in, could be, that you forgot the password and you can reset that by using the ”Forgot password” function. Enter the email exactly as you have entered it by creating the account. If you have used uppercase letters or any other symbols you will be required to use them every time by logging in.

Can I use Next generation device on both my Android and iOS devices?
Yes, Android app is available in Google play store and iOS in AppStore.

Are additional credits required?
Automatic coding (apps) is available for in-app purchases via credits, but is not required to code the features for free via e.g. ’Long Coding’ / ’Adaptions’ in VAG-cars if you have a valid license and compatible car.

What specific functions can I use / perform with OBDeleven?
All available one-click-apps for every supported car model can be found in OBDeleven application. See how here.

Is the PRO version of the OBDeleven app included?
When you select a pack with a Pro-license, the activation key is included to activate OBDeleven Pro.

What apps are compatible with OBDeleven hardware, can I use a different fault code reader?
No, the OBDeleven app / hardware is only compatible with the associated fault code reader / software.

What is the difference between OBDelven Pro and Basic?
In short, the Pro license is required to access the adaptation of the car’s software (coding / long coding / adaptation), which is usually required in modification / adaptation / service-related procedures.

Are there any charges after purchasing ’Pro’? Is it a subscription or one-time price?
Pro / Ultimate licenses are valid for 12 months from the date of activation.

Is there a good platform for questions, tips and inspiration for coding in my car?
Yes, we recommend the official OBDeleven Facebook forum for questions about coding / customization, tips and inspiration for your car.

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